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zigzag wanderer
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I am currently a first second third year university creature living in a sharehouse in Brunswick. I do stuff.

I am sort of like the bastard love child of Daria and Tank Girl.

for f-list enquiries please press 1

pisciculus_sum 1986-2006 ♥

I like music. Be my music friend.

" ", arguing, bialetti moka express, bikes, birds, changing my mind, cinema, electric sheep, feminisms, futuristic dystopias, getting lost, good questions, graffiti, intp/entp/wtfntp, lucy liu's nose, mantis, map 29, melbourne, music music music music music, not cleaning my room, obscure japanese electronica, philosophy, playlists, pomo bobo mofos, slapping trespassers, starfish in santa hats, street dreams, texture, the CAPSLOCK, then again..., two dollar cake, unresolved sexual tension, verse wants to be free!, we got death star, william van fnordibiscuit, wine in boxes, zombies, 日本語,